TerriLynn’s Special Streaming Page!

Songs for consideration:

Venom for You – Vampire theme, revenge song, powerhouse female vocal,  creepy and bluesy, mid-tempo

Venom for You – Instrumental

Test of our Democracy – political song, with a liberal POV about family separation, upbeat but dark with big guitars and horns

I Don’t Need You – alternative sexy rock song, female POV, overtly sexual, upbeat

I Took a Cab Ride with Reverend Billy – political, upbeat, fun and raucous big female vocals

Gun, Gun, Gun – angry rock song about gun violence, big female vocal

Set Me Free – sexually explicit, electronica/rock song with big female vocals

The Flood – song about a family surviving a flood, indie, female vocal, ballad

Ride, Ride, Ride – song about using a bicycle instead of driving in a big city, upbeat, fun, indie, female vocal

Time to Fall Apart – Amanda Palmer-ish rock song, mid-tempo with burlesque piano feel and older man relationship story-line


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