Bells Gonna Ring

a personal blog this week…..please let me know what you think? What kinds of changes are you facing this Spring?

There’s something massive

And circular

And bigger than me

Bearing and tearing through March

Into spring

Something loping

A flock

A need

A despair

And no lover or mother or father or brother can share

In the change

That is coming

Or the things it will spawn

It is mine for the hunting

It is mine to take on

No telling

What kind of mischief

Or electric sting

But the needle is dropping

And the bells gonna ring

Only I can keep running

Get lost in the cloud

Might never come out

If I come out a princess

If I come out a serpent

Well that’s what we’ll work with

And its possible

I’m leaving the wrong things behind

But my belly’s hot fury is burning

In its own crazy light

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