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Join me at the Rock Barn in Kittredge for Guitar, Ukulele and Voice Lessons
$30 for 30 minutes, $40 for 45 minutes and $50 for an hour
4-6:30 pm every Monday. Total karaoke, art and outdoor play free for all. Plus, SNACKS! We have an amazing sound system for Karaoke, and guitars, ukuleles and a drum kit. Price includes an art project every week. $40 per Monday, per kid. Crazy good times! Contact me to discuss pick-ups at Marshdale Elementary.
[email protected]


LOCATED a private home in Mt. Vernon Canyon Club, Golden CO.

$40 per week!

We work in 8 week blocks, Thursday mornings at 10:30am until 11:45am. We will explore songs including:

Needle and the Damage Done

Poncho and Lefty


Hound Dog

Before You ‘Cuse Me

…and others brought in by the students. We will build on our chord vocabulary, strumming patterns, time signatures and start basic picking techniques.

We have an 8 week minimum commitment. TOTAL COST FOR FIRST 8 WEEKS $320. Graduation after 16 weeks and then an opportunity to move on to Guitar III! Regular price is $50 per week. $40 a week is for the first 16 weeks only.