Patriot – My HealthCare Song

Patriot Demo – Listen Here

Copyright 2009 All Rights Reserved

By Camile Bright-Smith

On Monday I met a fundie

Said Obama’s plan would bring the second coming

On Tuesday I met a groupie

She smiled and said Glenn Beck had kissed her Uzi

Wednesday came and to my shame

The Teabaggers were out again

And Thursday was filled to bursting

With easy lies about the Youth in Asia


But me, I am a patriot

Sticks and stones

Will break my bones

But flames will never hurt me

It isn’t socialistic to heal the sick

I think a better word might be PATRIOT

They’re going at it on the internet

Sayin’ 1 in 5 are gonna have to die

Its compromise, gotta admit

But the odds are better, 4 can live forever

All the wing-nuts are white as ghosts

In mortal fear that Rush won’t get his daily dose

O’Reilly is afeard of treatment

If he isn’t mental Fox will be defeated


On Monday and Tuesday

On Wednesday and Thursday

On Friday and Saturday

And no rest on Sunday

I’m standing up for this


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