Song for Douglas J. Farnum

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This song was written as part of the 2996 Project Remembering the Victims of 9/11

Copyright 2009
All rights reserved

By Camille Bright-Smith


Well its been a few rough years

Since you found your way to heaven

We miss your mug down here

You crazy handsome devil

And Amy’s doin’ allright

She’s a good one that’s for sure

Everybody always laughs when they think of you

You know you left us wanting more

We always think of the days

When the Yankee’s ruled the world

You called it like you saw it man

Then you found that pretty girl

You straightened up man

You were flyin’ right

Headed for the American dream

With that crazy sexy wife

Remember goofin’ at the toy store

Like a couple of crazy kids

Remember Sgt. Slaughter?

Yeah, you can gloat a little bit

You were smarter than the rest of us

The funny man, the teaser

Said you were sick of it all

But you wore your heart out on your sleeve sir

Now Alex is shakin’ her doggy behind

Up in heaven with you

And I’ll just bet your crackin’ up

Man its hard to let go of you

But were doin’ allright

Allright down here in the NYC

All right Douglas remember this

You are alive in me

With very huge gratitude to the heroic PAUL WEIN whose fun filled and heartbreaking memories of his best friend Douglas J. Farnum filled this song with the details it needed to be real.

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