Winning Pretty

Winning Pretty is written and performed by me….messy just like life. Copyright 2011 all rights reserved except for the ones I will gladly give you if you ask me nicely.

Now tell me of a citizen

Who cannot serve in infantry?

Somehow the celebrations

For our patriotic GLBT

Have left me feeling hollow

Since no matter what they swallow

They can kill and spill overturn

Crash and burn

I haven’t got a word now

For the feeling in between

You know I’m feelin’ so proud

As they march into the skein

We are free, now truly aren’t we?

We are proud and without lies

You can ask and I can tell you

What I enjoy between my thighs

You know we marched into the city

You know we camped out in the trees

But winning isn’t always pretty

They will cut you at your knees

And I can slaughter

I can translate

I can save you from the enemy

I can come home

Broken body

Disillusioned fighting PTSD

We are heightened

When we are equal

We are lowered

When we fight

Guess that’s why I’m feeling lonely

While I’m bursting with gay pride

How to harmonize

These feelings

I am in between the baffles

Alone, and keening

For the beautiful

The spacious skies

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