written and performed by Camille Brightsmith and Valentina, all rights reserved 2011

Day one with Valentina

We didn’t know you were a girl

Your mama pushed

And we could see you

As you slid into this world

5:29    You came out pretty

Brother and Sister

Filled with awe

Your papa stood

The angel Gabriel

So protective of his brood

Day two with Valentina

And they hooked you to the tubes

Somehow the hours passed

We entered the morass

It felt so sacred touching you

Day three with Valentina

She seems so perfect when we kiss her

She’s wheeled away

We are afraid

Her tiny body

Her sacred skin

As thin as silk

As they go in

To repair a heart

That’s barely tasted mothers milk

Day five with Valentina

And she is there upon her mothers breast

And she can breath

Without machines

And she has conquered every test

Brother and Sister have lived a year or two

Since the day that Vale came

Mommy and Daddy

Cannot describe their love

they cannot think about the pain

Day six with Valentina

She is home in Momma’s bed

There is something

Akin to normal

The kitchen is a mess

The dogs are barking

The kids are fighting

The baby’s craying

The baby’s crying




Hush little baby don’t you dry

Momma’s gonna sing you a lullybye

Daddy’s gonna keep you safe and warm

Sisters gonna teach you graceful charm

Brothers gonna get you in lots of trouble

Sweet little baby, sweet little bundle



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