Time to Fall Apart

copyright 2010 by Camille Bright-Smith and Travis Dickerson

the way you wear your work boots

the way you hold your grey guitar
the way you move your tired body
old enough to be my father
but i’m not thinkin’ along those lines
I ‘m thinking way outside the box
I’m tired of carrying this burden
I need a man that holds my spark
the way you sit and hold your bottle
the way you sing it all comes through
ain’t puttin onĀ ain’t pretending
you’ve been around and you got through
and I could curl up on your long legs
and I could sleep there on your lap
and I could let you hold it all above my head
and I could let you have it all….
and we could sing some songs together
and we could break each others hearts
we better leave these ugly barstools
I think its time to fall apart
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