The Party’s Over

Copyright 2011 All Rights Reserved

by Camille Brightsmith

The party’s over

Just leave the empties on the bed

We had our clover

Long Beach Blvd and Banshee’s dead

We can never say goodbye

And we’ve never had a fight

You, the best looking ne’er de well

On the darkest LA nights

The party’s over

its time to put that shit to bed

crimson and clover

Sunset Blvd and Banshee’s dead

I will leave you everything

No I wouldn’t want to fight about it

I assume this broke you up at bit

But you never even shouted

The party’s over

Pink wine and redwoods on Coast

The party’s over

Only hangers on now and lonely boys

We were Tristan and Isolde

But the potion done wore off

Two short decades later

And every kiss still on my mouth

And every poem

And every lick

And all our mixed up foggy breath

Together flying cross the dry lake

Beds toward the freezing waters

The party’s over

Just leave the empties on the bed

The truth is I haven’t got the shoulders

To carry us back to the nest

All the legacy we left behind

Boy we sure did burn it bright

And in our wake now nothing but beauty

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