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Scott Renfroe You’re A Genius

Listen To: Scott Renfroe You’re A Genius

Scott Renfroe’s Hate Speech on the Colorado Senate Floor

Of a truthy higher power
You’ve exposed the heart of evil
Homo’s murderers and females
And I love your cruisy hairdo
Will you meet me in the showers?

Scott Renfroe you’re a genius
Of truthy higher power

Scott Renfroe your’re a scholar
You memorized that book you read
And since your speech in Denver
I went back to read Leviticus
The economy is tanking
So I sold my only daughter

Scott Renfroe you’re a genius
Of truthy higher power

I’m humbled by your empathy
Your Christian love, your swagger
Lets keep it between you and me
That night you spent with Haggard

The Bible also mentions
That slavery is no big D
As long as when you sack ‘em
They are from a nearby country
So I got this hot Canadian
Tied up and suckin’ on my feet

Scott Renfroe you’re a genius
Of truthy higher power

Copyright 2009 all rights reserved
by Camille Bright-Smith
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