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Time to Make a Record

A record.  A memory capture.  Or as Ani di Franco says in Fuel:

“A record.

As in a record of an event.

The event of people playing music in a room.”

So, I want to do an exercise here and see what kind of outcome I get.  I want to ask those of you that have the time or inclination to listen to some songs, and tell me what you think should be on the record.  And why.  You can feel free to lay it on the line for me.  Be honest.  Seriously, I have had some of my music slapped down so hard by people in supposed positions of power, and it never even left a mark.  I think that much of myself!  Not really, I just know that sarcastic remarks or mean words about art aren’t a reflection of the work so much as a window into a suffering persons heart.  Its not the same as thinking everything I do is magically delicious, I just don’t take personal attacks seriously.  Constructive criticism, however, is a gift.  If you trust me enough to tell me the truth, then you are a true friend, indeed.

So, here are some songs for you to think about / comment on.  Do they fit together in an album-ish sort of way?  Do I need to re-record some of them so they all match in production values?  What other questions should I be thinking of?  I already plan on re-recording some of them, but maybe I need them to stay raw and  just be messy?  Also, several of these were in response to specific events and I am not sure they work on a record.  Should I just keep the record focused on my ‘personal rock?’ vs. political responses?  I have several new songs too, which I will be recording this month.  I will share as they become available.  Also, you know those super sexed-up photos I had taken for promos a few years ago?  Should I use those as album artwork?  I have strayed so far from my creative self that I need some input to help me figure out what feels right.  So, help?  Thanks!

Black Friday

Fall Apart

I Don’t Need You

I Took a Cab Ride

The Party’s Over

Venom For You

How Love Can Be

revolution square


My Girlfriend


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