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Song for World Malaria Day

Listen To: Song for World Malaria Day

Nothing But Nets – PLEASE DONATE $10 to SAVE LIVES

While you are listening to this song
4 children
will die
of malaria
that right, 4, children
While you are absorbing that information
Think about this
Mal Aire
Bad Air
Bad Area

High Speed
Home Run
Apple Pie
Give some love

Well, a bad area
Can be easily improved
With a simple net
That’s right, a simple net
For the price of a pizza
You could save lives
In Yemen
Or Zimbabwe
Or Cambodia
For the price of a pair of flip flops
You could save lives
In Ghana, Suriname or Sri Lanka

High Speed
Home Run
Apple Pie
Give some love

You don’t really need those new flip flops anyway
Who cares if you wear last years flip flops?
You will survive
Why are you still listening to this song?
Its very easy
A link has been provided
Push the button
And donate
Even just $10
Even just one person
Even a stupid song
Pasted together
Might save lives.
Turn me off
And buy a net
Why are you still listening to this song?

By Camille Bright-Smith
copyright 2009 all rights reserved
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  1. Posted March 15, 2010 at 1:39 pm | Permalink

    Hi people,everyday in my country children in less priviledged homesteads, read the poor, die just like that when attacked by malaria. Simply because they cannot afford mosquito nets, sprays or medication.Not only children but even pregnant mothers who live in rural areas and are in the same situation. I took this chance to compose a malaria song to this effect thinking maybe our government could help or maybe the richer population could lend a hand. It is being released in a week’s time say 20th Mar 2010, hoping it will also be in time for the ” world malaria day” in april, and also hoping it will have an impact on my country and the world in general. The song title is ” MALARIA WOES/WARS” by Dj Rachael aka Dj 4 Raynsom.. Thanx Camille for your inspiration.. Let’s join hands and fight malaria..
    Dj Rachael KLA Uganda

    • Camille Bright-Smith
      Posted March 15, 2010 at 2:27 pm | Permalink

      I am so touched by your comment and really want to hear your song! I hope you will email me at so we can keep in touch. This issue is terrifying and killing way too many people.

      • Dj Rachael
        Posted November 24, 2011 at 3:59 pm | Permalink

        Hi sorry i didnt get back to this site in a long time. Hope we can still share lots on the malaria fight.. I got yo email now..
        Cheers.. Rach..