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Baby Cousin (aka Baby Cuz)

Listen To: Baby Cousin (aka Baby Cuz)

Well we are waitin’
For the baby
For the little baby cuz
Mama’s in the kitchen
Cookin’ 16 things at once
Papa’s talkin’ to himself
Not as eloquent as usual
And when the phone rings everybody jumps

Baby cuz
C’mon and slide out easy
Baby cuz
Your mama’s getting’ sleepy
Baby Cuz
I know its kinda cheesy
You got us ringin’ our hands
Got us laughin’ and weepin’
Baby Cuz
Son of my little brother
Baby Cuz
Come out and meet your mother
We just can’t wait a minute longer
Gotta kiss and hug our baby cuz

Well we are waitin’
For the baby
For the little baby cuz
We are practicing our breathing
Were so nervous we could bust
Now mama’s polishing the furniture
Just to keep from cracking up
Cause we are waitin’
On the little baby cuz

Copyright 2009 by Camille Bright-Smith


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